Sample CUVA Report MapThe Regional Commission is legislatively-enabled with the authority to provide direct services for (or on behalf of) its member local governments. In such a service delivery arrangement, the Regional Commission takes over the responsibility of delivering the service and maintains the professional staff and equipment resources while the member government provides authoritative oversight.

Currently, the Regional Commission provides direct technical services on behalf of threeof its member counties by acting as the official entity for maintaining and updating GIS-based tax parcel mapping systems.

The Regional Commission employs a full suite of professionals, totaling over 50 years of cumulative experience in GIS/GPS and related geospatial technology.  The Regional Commission has over 18 years of providing local government tax assessor offices with GIS based parcel maintenance and related analytical services, including Conservation Use Valuation Assessments (CUVA) and Forest Land Protection Act (FLPA).

Member governments receive additional benefits when using the Regional Commission as their service provider for provide tax parcel maintenance, to include the following:

  • lower cost of services without compromises in quality;
  • integration of local data with the Commission’s regional GIS database;
  • devoting multiple GIS staff to any given tax parcel maintenance project;
  • access to various state agencies and partners, i.e. UGA-ITOS, for third-party QC/QA;
  • use of in-house web/app development team to produce customize websites/work order systems; and,
  • leveraging existing relationships with the local government;