Our Mission

The objectives of the Regional Commission are to develop, promote, and assist in establishing coordinated and comprehensive planning in Georgia; to provide local governments, on both an individual and regional basis, with professional technical assistance to improve local government service programs; to provide information technology-based services; to manage nonprofit corporations created by the Regional Commission in accor­dance with Georgia law for the operation of revolving loan programs and to function as a certified development company; and to function as the designated Area Agency on Aging (AAA), responsible for services, advocating on behalf of older persons in need, and contracting with a network of agencies to provide direct services to the elderly in the Middle Georgia region.

Our Leadership

In accordance with State law, the Middle Georgia Regional Commission has a 60-member governing body known as the Regional Commission Council.  The Council, through the Budget, Audit, and Personnel Committee, hires the Executive Director.  The Executive Director is then charged with hiring staff for the Regional Commission.

The Regional Commission Council is responsible for establishing policy and direction of the organization and the component units in accordance with state and federal laws.

James A. Epps, Jr.,
MGRC Council Chairman

Laura M. Mathis,
MGRC Executive Director