What is the procedure for requesting technical assistance from the MGRC?

The Technical Assistance (TA) Request Process is designed to ensure that requests for services coming from member cities and counties reflect the collective desire of the respective governing body.  All requests are reviewed and approved by the MGRC governing Council at the their monthly meeting, the second Thursday of each month.  A TA request letter is required before substantial work can begin on a request.  Listed below are the steps involved in a typical TA request process:

  1. Contact the MGRC to discuss the potential request and determine if staff can provide the services needed.
  2. If so, draft a technical assistance request letter and have the Mayor or County Commission Chairperson sign it.  Please include the nature of the request and the name of the contact person the MGRC will work with in completing the request, as well as any deadlines, if applicable.
  3. Please mail the request letter to the following:
    Laura Mathis, Executive Director
    Middle Georgia Regional Commission
    Attn: Technical Assistance Request
    175 Emery Highway, Suite C
    Macon, GA 31217
  4. The following week, please call and confirm receipt of your request.
  5. Requests are reviewed by staff, and submitted to the MGRC governing Council for approval at the next scheduled board meeting.
  6. Upon approval, MGRC staff will begin work on the request, working closely with the contact person provided.
  7. Upon completion, MGRC staff will mail a transmittal letter to the Mayor or County Commission Chairperson stating that the request has been completed.