Through the technical assistance process, the Middle Georgia Regional Commission provides professional and tailored services to meet the needs of Middle Georgia’s diverse communities. Functioning like an extension of local government staff, the Regional Commission is available to aid local governments with customized services in community development, personnel administration, grant writing, project management, planning, and a host of general local government operations.

Community development describes the programs, policies, and initiatives undertaken by community leaders to improve the socio-economic conditions of an area. It typically includes redevelopment/reinvestment, housing, public safety, and other local government initiatives to improve the community.  Middle Georgia Regional Commission staff works with local governments to review and update planning and zoning ordinances and develop recreation master plans, downtown development plans, and other customized programs to assist a local government in achieving its community vision. In addition, the Regional Commission assists member governments in implementing the Georgia Planning Act of 1989 by updating local comprehensive plans and short-term work programs.

Through a partnership with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division, the Regional Commission supports local efforts for the preservation and planning for historic resources, the creation of local historic districts, development of design guidelines, and the preparation of applications for the National Register of Historic Places.

Middle Georgia Regional Commission works with local governments in addressing their environmental concerns by preparing watershed improvement plans, conducting testing of impaired streams, and providing support to the Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition.

Regional Commission staff supports local governments with human resources administration through the development of job descriptions, personnel policies and handbooks, and salary surveys as well as the recruitment of candidates for critical local government positions.  Staff is available not only to assist in the development of projects and plans, but also to support local governments in researching potential funding sources, grant writing, and project administration. Grant services are not limited to State and Federal programs such as Community Development Block Grant and Recreational Trails, but include private foundations as well.

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