The Middle Georgia Freight and Logistics Study

Local leaders within the Middle Georgia region have long recognized the strategic advantages that Middle Georgia holds in terms of location, transportation infrastructure, and accessibility to major points of entry. In turn, this has created regional interest in developing these assets to support the freight transportation and logistics industry. As such, the need arose for an independent study to evaluate these assets and aid the region’s strategic development of these industries.

With the assistance of local economic development professionals in Macon-Bibb and Houston counties, along with the 21st Century Partnership, the Middle Georgia Regional Commission applied for, and received funding from the Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment to undertake this study of the freight and logistics infrastructure within Middle Georgia. In mid-2015, MGRC partnered with Wilson & Company, a national organization with broad expertise in planning, consulting, engineering, architecture, and environmental surveys, to complete this study. Throughout the remainder of 2015, Wilson & Company conducted an analysis of the region, and assisted with strategic planning for the freight and logistics industry within Middle Georgia.

The completed Middle Georgia Freight and Logistics Study concludes that:

The Middle Georgia region is poised to take advantage of macro-economic and freight industry trends, and achieve above-average growth in logistics activity … To further highlight Middle Georgia’s favorable position, the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) is considering an “inland port” location in Middle Georgia … This would substantially elevate the region’s viability as a regional freight distribution center, adding the intermodal rail mode as an additional transportation option connecting domestic and international supply-chains … Those that do operate in the Middle Georgia region endorse its capabilities … 

Given these strategic opportunities, the Middle Georgia Regional Commission is committed to continued work with our regional partners to develop regional assets in support of freight and logistics activity and to target the growth of these industries.