The Georgia Geospatial Informatoin Office is seeking a Geospatial Data Program Manager.

This position will build programs in support of the development and ongoing maintenance of vital statewide spatial datasets that will support the State’s migration to a next generation 9-1-1 (NG911) ecosystem – this includes development of a comprehensive and fully maintained point based address dataset for every structure in Georgia, our States’ road centerlines with complete routable address ranges, and a collection of political and administrative boundaries.

The Program Manager’s primary duty will be to develop and execute strategic plans for the programs around these mission-critical data including initial development, long-term maintenance, and support.  In this position, the Program Manager will work directly with the Geospatial Information Officer (GIO) to develop the programs that will facilitate the creation of data and processes which create value and build efficiencies for the State. Both technical and collaborative in nature, this role will require the Program Manager to foster relationships and effective communication with stakeholders in all levels of government. The creation and long-term sustainability of these data will require working collaboratively with the State’s 650+ local governments, 12 Regional Commissions, and a number of its state agencies.

 While managing the Data Programs, this individual will work with other members of the Office to educate and train State stakeholders so they may become well-informed consumers of data. The Program Manager will also provide the assistance necessary to train stakeholders to improve the quality and precision of their geospatial data. This position will work closely with Office staff to develop publications, printed materials, and online materials that will enhance the accessibility of information and guidance for the geospatial community.
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