seniorsThe Middle Georgia Regional Commission is the state-designated Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for Middle Georgia.  The primary role of the AAA is to plan, develop and administer a comprehensive service delivery system for older adults and people with disabilities.

Established under the Older Americans Act, the AAA provides a range of options that allow older individuals and people with disabilities to choose home and community-based services and living arrangements that are best for them. The foundation for what we do here at the Middle Georgia Area Agency on Aging  is to promote independent, dignified lifestyles and access to services for those we serve.


Program Highlights & Achievements

Money Follows the Person

MFP is a program for individuals that reside in a nursing home and meet specific eligibility criteria to allow them to be transitioned from institutional living back into the greater community at large. Eligible program participants receive financial and supportive aid enabling them to return to either their own home or a new home within the community. In the second year of administering the program, the Middle Georgia AAA transitioned 44 clients from nursing homes back into the community.

Award Winning Programs

In FY14, the Middle Georgia AAA was recognized for two of its programs by the National Association of Regional Development Organizations (NADO). The Reverse Mortgage Program for Adults 62+, which provides HUD-mandated counseling to qualified homeowners interested in a reverse mortgages and the Hospital On-Site Options Counseling program, which offers services to patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure, were recognized by NADO as innovative Human Services programs.