The Middle Georgia Regional Commission (MGRC) is a full service web development and maintenance service provider for our member local governments and partner agencies in the Middle Georgia region.

We have been providing website services since 1995, and pride ourselves on helping our clients optimize their web-presence. Our website development and maintenance service model is designed to not only meet the web presence needs of our member local governments and partner agencies, but also to respond to and incorporate the changing technologies that make the internet more accessible and user friendly.

Our service model incorporates two phases:  1) Development and 2) Maintenance and Support.


Assessment:  The MGRC will meet with the client to discuss your existing web presence and your organization’s vision for what you web presence should be.  Questions that will drive this assessment may include, but are not limited to:

  • What is the primary purpose of your website, meaning what goals do you wish to accomplish? 
  • What is the primary audience for the website?  What group or groups are you trying to reach?
  • What features and functionality would you like incorporated into your website?
  • What other websites do you like and what do you like about them?

Initial Design and Build-out: 

  • Content Management System (CMS) platform
  • Domain Registration
  • Forms Creation:  fillable and online options
  • Graphic Design
  • Image Optimization
  • Photography
  • Responsive Design
  • User Training
  • Web Hosting

After the visual direction is set, the MGRC will begin “build-out” of the site based on content provided or prescribed by the client.  This includes acquisition of high-resolution digital photos for use on your site.Based on the assessment information gathered, the MGRC will develop an initial design concept for approval by the client.

Once approved, this will serve as the visual direction for the site. Once content is substantially complete, the MGRC will conduct a training for client designee(s) on the management of site content using the Content Management System (CMS).  Client designees will provide final content updates as practice and in anticipation of the site’s release or “Go Live” date. Based on a typical deployment scenario, we anticipate a total development timeframe of three (3) months, from initial assessment to your site’s “Go Live” date.

Maintenance & Support

After your site goes “Live,” the Middle Georgia Regional Commission is there to provide all the support you and your staff need.  We propose to be your “One-Stop-Shop” for all things related to your website.  On your behalf, we will coordinate all website services (i.e. domain registration/renewal, web-hosting registration/renewal, security, etc.).

Key Maintenance Service Features:

  • Backups
  • Domain Email Management, if needed
  • Domain Renewal
  • Minor Layout Changes
  • Security Updates
  • Software Updates
  • Technical Support
  • Unlimited User CMS Training
  • Website Hosting Renewal

Please contact us to discuss the basic maintenance agreement/contract.  A new layout/redesign is suggested every 3-5 years after initial ‘Go-Live’ deployment.  This will help keep the website fresh and dynamic allowing MGRC to incorporate the latest trends in the rapidly changing world of web-design.

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