Laura Mathis,
Executive Director
Brent Lanford,
Deputy Director

Business Development Manager
Jen Doran,
Administrative Services Manager
Delores Britt,
Compliance and Services Specialist
Larry Jones,
Printing/Graphics Technician
Gwen Presley,
Administrative Assistant
Kim Stanton,
Executive Assistant

Julie Hall,
Director of Aging
Ellen Anderson,
Office Assistant
Keri Asbell,
MDSQ Options Counselor
Carol Bunn,
Georgia Cares Coordinator
Sandra Carson,
ADRC Resource Specialist
Tracy Franklin,
ADRC Counselor

Nicole Gaither,

Wellness-Aging RN
Benae Hogan,
Lead Case Manager
Tora Johnson,
ADRC Counselor
Pamela Lockett,
ADRC Community Options Counselor
Sheila Milikin,
MFP Transitions Coordinator
Emily Perry,
ADRC Counselor
Sheila Stephens,
MDSQ Options Counselor
Tanesha Thomas,
Aging Services Manager
Treniscia Stephens,
ADRC Counselor
Roland Williams,
ADRC Counselor
Mary Wilson,
Adminiistrative Assistant
Matt Garvin, 
Director of Finance
Sheryl Edwards,

Greg Boike,
Director of Public Administration
Susan Landfried, 
Senior Government Services Specialist

David Lane,
Government Services Specialist
Caitlin Mee,
Government Services Specialist
Dean Nelson,
Government Services Specialist

Taylor Stickels,
Government Services Specialist

Michelle Grembowski, 
Director of Technology Services
Pam Brown, 
Network Systems Specialist
Daira Levitsky, 
GIS Technician (GDOT Contractor)

Shellby Miller, 
GIS Analyst

April McGee, 
Multi-Media Technology Specialist
Gary Morris, 
GIS Analyst

Tiffany Andrews, 
Director of Workforce Development
Angelika Cortes, 
Data and Performance Management Specialist
James Johnson, 
Career Development Specialist
Andrea Jones, 
Career Development Specialist
Howard Scott, 
Special Projects Coordinator