In June 2020, the Middle Georgia Regional Commission received a grant from the Department of Defense, Office of Local Defense Community Collaboration (OLDCC) to create a Sustainability Plan for Robins Air Force Base and Middle Georgia. The Sustainability Plan will research and analyze seven topics important to compatible development and collaboration between RAFB and the surrounding communities. Those topics include land use, transportation, air space, infrastructure, security, economic and community impact, and environment and cultural resources. The final Sustainability Plan will also include an Implementation Plan that addresses next steps, proposed mechanisms for action, potential funding resources, and collaboration opportunities in the region. As with previous JLUS reports, the project is a collaborative effort led by the Middle Georgia Regional Commission with participation from the affected local governments, 21st Century Partnership, RAFB leadership, affected state agencies, and other community partners.

Since the grant award, Middle Georgia Regional Commission has engaged the services of Stantec Consulting to work with the middle Georgia region to develop the Middle Georgia Robins AFB Sustainability Plan. Initial committee meetings were held in May and June 2021 and the Initial Public Kick Off meeting will be held August 5, 2021. More information on the project is available on the project website :